deed of reconveyance

Understanding Deed of Reconveyance: How It Works

The deed of reconveyance is one of those real estate terms many people don’t know, but it is still crucial for homeowners to understand. Property owners use a deed of reconveyance to transfer property from a lender to a borrower after paying off their mortgages. If you’ve ever had a mortgage, then it’s essential to understand […]
what are transfer taxes on a mortgage

What Are Transfer Taxes on a Mortgage? 

Buying a new home can be quite an exciting (and somewhat stressful) experience, especially when it comes to tax rates, fair market, and closing costs. You might wonder, “how do I afford a new home?”. To help answer questions like this when looking for a home purchasing loan in Tucson, read more about the process below.   When […]
mortgage lender credits

Mortgage Lender Credits for Closing Costs: Pros and Cons

When closing on a new home, you might consider mortgage lender credits to offset costs and save money upfront. Before deciding, however, it helps to know how these credits can affect your original loan estimate and what they’ll really cost you in the future.  At Altitude Home Loans, we make home purchasing in Tucson, AZ, more […]
mortgage brokers vs lenders

Mortgage Brokers vs. Lenders: What Are The Differences?

Buying a home is a big step in anyone’s life, and when it comes time for you, you need proper financing. Many people seek a mortgage loan for financial assistance but still need to figure out mortgage brokers vs. lenders. This short guide can help you determine whether a lender or broker could help you […]
do i need a mortgage broker

Do I Need a Mortgage Broker? What You Need to Know

Buying a home presents challenges for first-time buyers and experienced homeowners alike. If you need financing for your next home, you don’t have to navigate the mortgage process by yourself. You can work with a professional mortgage broker and get the loan you need at competitive terms.  Learn more about mortgage brokers and their role […]


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