underwater mortgage

Underwater Mortgage: What it Means?

Purchasing a home is a significant investment. When values decline, homeowners can be left devastated with an underwater mortgage. At Altitude Home Loans, we understand the changing market and can help you know where you stand. Call us, Tucson’s trustworthy home purchasing officers, at 520-500-1010 to find out more. What Does It Mean to be […]
loans for first time home buyers

Loans for First-time Homebuyers: A Short Guide

Here at Altitude Home Loans, we aim to help you find your dream home. Call us today at 520-500-1010 to speak with our mortgage experts. If you are one of the many Americans seeking a loan for your first home, the process may seem daunting. Thankfully, getting loans for first-time homebuyers is one of our […]
prequalified vs preapproved

Prequalified vs. Preapproved Loans: What’s the Difference?

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or moving up the property ladder, the loan process can seem complicated. Mortgage loans are essential for most aspiring homeowners. Fortunately, the process can be straightforward with proper guidance. At Altitude Home Loans, our team understands that a bit of information goes a long way toward relieving stress during the […]
mortgage interest rates trend

Mortgage Interest Rates Trend in Tucson This 2022

Thinking about purchasing a home this year? Consider Tucson, Arizona! Tucson is among the top 10 U.S. cities identified as a hidden gem in the housing market. This is largely based on the number of homes for sale in the Tucson area, the cost of the homes, and the lower mortgage interest rates trend for […]
the truth about mortgage loans

The Truth About Mortgage Loans: Debunking Common Myths

Mortgage loans help you secure the funds you need to buy the home of your dreams. Unfortunately, there are a lot of myths about these loans. You can learn the truth about mortgage loans with our Altitude Home Loans staff, the home loan experts in Tucson, AZ. Our team at Altitude Home Loans can answer […]


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