how does inflation affect housing prices

How Does Inflation Affect Housing Prices?

Inflation tends to increase housing prices. The Federal Reserve raises interest rates from time to time to bring inflation down. The Consumer Price Index, a tool to track inflation, jumped 0.4% in September 2022 after a modest increase of 0.1% in August. As a result, mortgage rates have risen, with the average 30-year fixed rate […]
documents needed to refinance mortgage

The Documents Needed to Refinance Mortgage

The process of refinancing your mortgage can be lengthy, sometimes dragging on for weeks. One way to speed up the process is to gather the documents needed to refinance your mortgage early so you can provide them as soon as the lender requests them. Speaking to a qualified mortgage broker in Tucson, AZ, will also […]
when are interest rates locked in

When Are Interest Rates Locked In? Read to Find Out

Mortgage rates fluctuate daily, sometimes even hourly. A mortgage rate lock, or rate protection, locks in your mortgage rate, keeping it from rising from when you apply for your mortgage to when you close on your loan. But when you’re buying your home, exactly when are interest rates locked in? Timing is imperative when choosing […]
difference between mip and pmi

Understanding the Difference Between MIP and PMI

Owning a home remains a significant aspect of the American dream, but it’s more complicated than many realize. As potential homeowners begin obtaining a mortgage, they quickly discover that they need mortgage insurance, a good credit score, and a regular income. To help simplify some of this, here’s a look at the difference between MIP […]
private mortgage insurance altitude home loans

What Is Private Mortgage Insurance, and Do I Have to Pay For It?

When owning a home, homeowners insurance plays an integral role in protecting your investment and ensuring you aren’t responsible for excessive costs. However, it can be challenging to sort through the different types of home insurance to determine what is essential. If you are considering home loans in Tucson, this article will explain private mortgage insurance […]


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