what is a mortgage credit certificate

What Is a Mortgage Credit Certificate? 

Buying a home is an investment. The initial down payment plus closing costs often present substantial challenges for first-time homebuyers.  As a result, several programs exist to enhance homeownership prospects for Americans, especially those in the low- to moderate-income bracket.   One such program, the mortgage credit certificate, lowers the barrier to entry for those planning […]
financial planning for buying a house

A Guide to Financial Planning for Buying a House

Buying a new home is an exciting time, but it’s also a potentially stressful endeavor for buyers and sellers alike. Being fully prepared could make the process smoother, helping you settle down in that new home much sooner. Are you looking at homes in Arizona or California? Altitude Home Loans is one of the best […]
how long should you keep mortgage statements

How Long Should You Keep Mortgage Statements?

Are you tired of papers piling up and file cabinets overflowing? If you’re looking to minimize your accumulating paperwork, you’re probably wondering, “How long should you keep mortgage statements?” As some of the best mortgage lenders in Tucson, Arizona, Altitude Home Loans wants our borrowers to lead financially secure lives. Keep reading to discover when we […]
what is a warranty deed

What Is a Warranty Deed and How Does It Protect You?

While purchasing a house is an exciting endeavor, deed transfers and understanding your new responsibilities can make the process a bit more complicated. Prospective home buyers should learn about warranty deeds as a way to protect themselves and others.  Learn the answer to “What is a warranty deed?” and the importance of having one as […]
is a reverse mortgage a good idea

When Is a Reverse Mortgage a Good Idea?

Is a reverse mortgage a good idea? For homeowners who don’t know the ins and outs of lending, this topic can be quite confusing.  Fortunately, this guide from some of the best mortgage lenders in Tucson, Arizona, can help you navigate your finances and settle any debates regarding a reverse mortgage loan. If you’d like […]


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