Cindy Hallas Sr Loan Officer

Cindy Hallas

NMLS 334571

Mortgage Loan Originator

Phone: 602.793.9061

Email: CHallas@altitudehomeloans.com

Originating in Arizona, California, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Washington

Cindy Hallas

Mission Statement:

Setting higher standards in the mortgage industry starting with the highest level of customer service and putting the client first.  With integrity, morals, and knowledge, we will provide the largest variety of programs with the most competitive rates, closing costs and payment.

Thank you for the pleasure of visiting my site. I am happy you have taken the time to get to know me. Being of service in the mortgage industry is something I take a great deal of pride in. I find it my duty to be your advocate to obtaining your goals and objectives in the smoothest possible way while educating my clients through each step of the way. My biggest compliment is when my past clients, family, friend and REALTORS® have enough trust in me to refer me business. Attention to detail, communication, resolution focused and obtaining our buyer’s goals is how we build our team goals.

I was fortunate to be raise by my father who is a 35 year veteran police officer of the City of Phoenix. I grew up knowing what is right from wrong. Waking up every morning with the integrity and the mind set to do the right thing and go to bed knowing it has been accomplished. The best interest in a mortgage transaction is always for the client. Connecting with our REALTOR® partners and establishing long-term relationships building trust for our clients to feel confident enough to come back to me over and over again.

I started in the mortgage industry on June 1, 1998 when the industry was still based on the determination for mortgage qualification. Mortgages were qualifying only with full loan packages: 3 years tax returns, 6 months bank statements with at least 10% down payment and 6 months extra reserves in the bank. Presenting loan documents can make or break the ability to qualify for a mortgage. Don’t allow lack of experience or knowledge get in the way of you qualifying for a mortgage. My extensive knowledge and background in the mortgage industry, allows me the opportunity to take over many declined loan packages and turn them into complete purchase and refinance transactions with accurate information. Structuring loans and simplifying the loan process for our clients is what we do best. In the industry of extensive income documentation, full loan disclosure and invasive inquiries, I can make the process more streamline by simplifying and educating our clients along the way. They will understand each step and feel confident we have the ability to close their transaction. Unlike many other lenders, we believe in providing and disclosing everything upfront, full transparency with communication thus setting our clients for full SUCCESS. We prepare our clients for worst case so at the end, they are pleasantly surprised with more money in their pocket, less closing costs and overall less invasive process. Building trust is vital when coaching clients through the home buying process.

With my vast experience in residential, construction, land, lot and equity loans, FHA, VA, JUMBO, Foreign National, Investors, Second Homes, Vacation Homes, Co-Signing, USDA, Down Payment Assistance, No Money Down, First Time Home Buyers, Credit Repair, Credit Building, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, VA loans. I have financed many loans from $10,000 as large as $4.7 million. I have worked with all kinds from doctors, lawyers, self-employed clients, investors, professional athletes, teachers, first time home buyers, and many other types of clients. Regardless of the client or their occupation, each and every one is qualified as an individual and each loan application is processed with special care. Clients are not just a number.

With a variety of loan programs and an established network of lenders, the best loan for your individual need will be found and placed for your best interest with a competitive rate and low closing costs. Conforming, JUMBO, FHA, VA, USDA Rural housing, Down Payment Assistance, No Money Down, First Time Home Buyers, Credit Repair, Credit Building, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Ginnie Mae, VA loans and much more are available. I take pride in high touch and hands on dedication with each and every customer. I am available during the week, evenings, and on the weekends. I will do what I can to make this process as easy as possible being sensitive to your busy work schedule and lifestyle. I have teamed up with Real Estate industry professionals to better service you as the customer. Allow me and my teams’ knowledge and experience guide you in the right direction so you can be sure all your financing options are presented to you. Then, you can make the right decision for you and your family.

I have personally trained many individual loan officers and processors in this business. I have assisted branch managers with their business structure and with establishing their goals and expectations. I currently work with REALTORS® in building partner relationships to help our clients. I also coach many REALTORS® in building their business. I have established a strong reputation for hard work, goal oriented, service driven, ethical practice with great urgency when conducting business each and every day. I will take the stress and hassle from you and with professional and honest staff, we will close your loan with ease.

With Real Estate Agents:

I am also a Certified Instructor teaching REALTORS® their Continuing Education Courses. I currently am licensed to teach in AZ, CA, FL, IL, NA, TN, TX, PA and WA.. Education is vital in this industry and knowing I can build business partner with Real Estate Agents through education and coaching one on one to assist in building their business, establishing trust, and establishing relationships is where we stand out.

Working with Real Estate agents coaching them with their own business, teaching to create business plan, help with their social media marketing and how to tap into their sphere of influence, social media branding. I believe many people want to be successful if they know how to create opportunities. I thrive on creating ideas on how to use the resources already available. Being a business owner can be overwhelming so breaking it down to a simple and easy system to incorporate into their daily, weekly, monthly and annually routine is critical to being successful. I show them these steps to success in a format that is simple and easy.

Within the Community:

Back at a younger sister looking up to my AMAZING older sister, she took Sign Language in College as her foreign language.  I was so fascinated by the language and the culture, that I too wanted to follow in her footsteps and take in American Sign Language as my foreign language as well.  What I did not expect is the true love and PASSION I would gain through learning so much about the Culture, language, Community and the overall people I meet along the way.  I was hooked.  I took every ASL (American Sign Language) and Deaf Studies course that was provided and fell in love with the Culture and the Community.  Since, I have had the wonderful opportunity to volunteer at Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind while going to University of Arizona in college, Phoenix Day School for the Deaf when I moved back to the Phoenix area as well as get involved in many other Deaf Community activities.  I currently volunteer and interpret for our Deaf Congregation at my church and truly enjoy staying connected to our Deaf Community.  My biggest passion was then combined as I have met many REALTORS® who know and are connected in the Deaf Community and assisting our DEAF clients has to be one of the most rewarding for me.  I truly am able to combine two passions of Mortgages and Deaf Community into my career.  I feel so fortunate to be in this position and so proud to have the ability to speak another language, and YES ASL is considered it’s own language and it is NOT UNIVERSAL. 

Coming from Military family I also enjoy contributing to Wounded Warriors as well as 100 Club of Arizona.  Wounded Warriors are for our wounded in the military and the 100 Club of Arizona for our fallen Police Officers, Wounded Police Officers and their families.  Coming from military and a father who served 35 years with the City of Phoenix Police Department, these hit very close to the heart.  I have many friends in the Police Department and First Responders (brother a fire fighter for more than 22 years).  We take care of them and they certainly take care of the community.

I also enjoy participating and volunteering for Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue, Box Lux Rescue, and regularly foster abandoned and “at risk” dogs and place them into loving permanent homes.  I love all dogs and believe they all deserve a good home.  I do not believe in bad dogs, only bad from the results of bad environment. 

In my personal life:

In my free time outside of mortgages with clients and Teaching classes for REALTORS®, I enjoy outdoor events. I am avid runner, hiker, cyclist or anything outdoors.   I grew up playing soccer through my childhood and in college.  I have met most of my long lasting deep friendships through this amazing sport.  I still enjoy occasionally getting out on the pitch and kicking the ball around.  My favorite is teaching the youngsters a trick or two from this old timer.  Being active and outdoors is where I find peace, nature has so much beauty and energy that allows me to recharge and continue my busy lifestyle.

My family is most important to me.  I am fortunate enough to have a great family life. I was adopted from Seoul, Korea when I was just two years old. My parents are incredible parents who are still alive and in a very loving marriage.  My parents happen to be my closest friends and my rock.  I have one brother and sister who are also my closest friends.

I also enjoy rescuing and helping dogs. I am a big part of Desert Harbor Doberman Rescue and have a Doberman from the rescue and foster for them when I can. I also volunteer and foster for other dogs in need of a home. Having rescue dogs in my household is a regular routine, currently at 4 rescues.

My other passion in life, as anyone close to me knows, is food. I am 100% a FOODIE! I enjoy trying new food, eating at restaurants, cooking in and eating all kinds of amazing food. Many great events happen around food. Relationships of all kinds, whether family, close friends, colleagues, clients both repeat and new, and many other memorable interactions happen around food. So my motto is “pleasure per calorie”, to east something unhealthy, it better taste REALLY AMAZING! LOL..

Thank you for the compliment of visiting my site. I am thrilled with the opportunity to work with you. Feel free to contact me at and I look forward to meeting you.

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