can you skip a mortgage payment

Can You Skip a Mortgage Payment? 

When struggling to pay your bills and make ends meet, finding ways to cut expenses may require sacrifice and creativity. In dire circumstances, you might wonder, “Can you skip a mortgage payment?”  While it’s certainly possible to miss a mortgage payment and keep your home, not making the monthly payment can have significant consequences for […]
how many people can be on a mortgage

How Many People Can Be On a Mortgage?

There are plenty of reasons a pair may want to co-own a property’s mortgage, whether they’re partners or just roommates. They may even want several people to take responsibility for the home’s mortgage repayments, but what are the rules about how many people can be a mortgage at once? For the curious and those wanting […]
can you roll closing costs into mortgage

Can You Roll Closing Costs Into Mortgage?

When you save money to buy a home, that cash must cover more than the down payment. You also need to plan for the closing costs of the loan, which include the fees and expenses of issuing the loan. In most cases, these costs equal 2% to 5% of the loan amount, which has many […]
local mortgage lender

Benefits of Working with a Local Mortgage Lender 

Buying a home means making several decisions — and not just about finding the perfect property. Choosing the right people to guide you along the path to homeownership also matters, as they’ll ensure you get the best information, service, and insights.  Your home buying team includes your mortgage lender, and you need one who wants to be […]
what is an origination fee on a mortgage

What Is an Origination Fee on a Mortgage?

One of the first things you’ll learn when buying a home is that the mortgage application process comes with several different steps and, unfortunately, fees. One of these is the origination fee. As the best mortgage lenders in Tucson, Arizona, Altitude Home Loans knows that homebuyers tend to have a lot of questions about the mortgage […]


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